Cloud Backup
Backup and protect your

  • Full image and file-level backups
  • Supports 20+ platforms
  • Automatic Backup and Recovery
  • Full Protection
  • AES-256 encryption of backups in transit and at rest
Keep your business in business
with reliable backup services

Unexpected downtime and data loss can cost your business valuable time and money. Whether you’re confronted with a phishing attack or ransomware, or an app you need suddenly crashes – having a backup of your data, applications, and systems ensures you can recover quickly and get back to work.

Cloud Backup

Data Loss Can Ruin Your Business

Any interruption to your business can be costly. In IT, we call it “downtime”. And downtime can be a big problem for a small-to-medium business – closing off part or all of your operations and losing your money every minute that you’re down. In fact, once you’ve added up lost business, lost productivity, and lost reputation, a single hour of downtime costs $84,650 on average.

There is good news though. With modern backup and recovery technology and processes, your business can avoid data loss arising from malware attacks, human error, and everything in between. And, if you do lose access to some of your business data you can recover it in a matter of minutes – keeping your business running without any interruption.