Cloud Access Control

Security today is more than locking your doors and windows. It’s about monitoring access points, recording activity logs and access control. Physical security continues to be an important aspect of any organization’s security plan. We can help you manage physical access from the cloud, implement mobile and touchless access, and a lot more!.

Kisi is a cloud-based access control solution empowering organizations to manage their facilities in a smarter, safer, and more efficient way. With Kisi, IT admins can remotely manage doors and access rights, monitor real-time access events, and create secure, frictionless workspaces.

Kisi access control combines seamless user experience with strong security and mobile viewing capabilities, giving property managers peace of mind that their facility is protected from intruders. With a mobile app, users can view live or recorded security footage

Seamless Building Entry: Kisi offers a sleek and responsive system that helps you boost business safety, without slowing down operations.
Remote Door Unlocking: Users can remotely unlock doors for guests from their phone or web browser, so tenants, employees, and operators never have to miss a visitor or delivery.
Remote Lockdown: Kisi's Remote Lockdown lets you lock and unlock specific doors or entire locations from any device, from anywhere.

Powerful Access Control & Secure Remote Access

Kisi’s secure web-based application empowers administrators to easily and effectively manage access rights for their entire organization. Effortlessly grant and restrict user access to an individual door, pre-configured group or location, and apply user roles to establish an access rights regime that fits your organization’s needs. Want to grant a new regional manager access to 5 locations? Kisi makes it straightforward and painless.

Flexible and Customizable Credentials

Getting in the office shouldn’t be hard; however, it must be secure. That’s why Kisi offers flexible mobile and physical credentials that offer different use-cases but don’t compromise on security.

Give users an unmatched access

Streamline user onboarding and management with automated access provisioning in Kisi. You can even connect your user management systems to Kisi, automatically enrolling users and granting them the permissions they require.

Powerful Integrations

One of the largest benefits of going mobile with door security is the ability to manage credentials dynamically: Imagine if every time you added someone to your Active Directory they automatically received door access that corresponds to their access level. You can also add the Kisi app to your MDM for automated provisioning. Of course, this is even more critical when terminations happen as all credentials should be revoked in real time and in a predetermined, automated, manner.

That’s why Kisi allows out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular Active Directory services such as Microsoft Azure AD or Google Apps. We believe that allowing you to audit door access, like any other service you use in your setup, should be a standard feature in your security workflows.

KISI integration

Kisi's powerful features

Event Export

From compliance to incident investigation, event exports give you full control over your space.

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Easy Access Sharing

Authorize any administrator to send a mobile key to your new employee's smartphone.

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Access Restriction

Set granular access permissions and scale them to unlimited users using access groups

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Auto Provisioning

Connect Kisi's groups to your CRM or Active directory to auto provision access rights.

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Global Management

Easily manage multiple places and administrators across your facilities on Kisi's mobile Dashboard.

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In-and-Out Tracking

Use check-in and check-out functionality to track ins and outs


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Unlock the door using your company-managed identity service.

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Visual Access Audits

Review and validate door entries with automatic video snapshots.


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KISI tap to unlock


kisi reader pro

Kisi gives you complete control over building access from one secure location. With the Kisi app, your building security is in your pocket at all times.

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