Protecting a business' most valuable asset with Acronis cyber files

Acronis Cyber Files Cloud is a secure enterprise file sync and share solution that features end-to-end encryption, user controls, and audit trail.

What is file sync and share?

File sync and share technology is designed with the modern professional landscape in mind; a landscape where workforces rely on multiple devices and location flexibility in order to maximize productivity. File sync and share gives organizations the power to share files across multiple devices and with multiple people using file synchronization - allowing files to be stored in any approved data repository and accessed remotely by employees from any of their I.T provisioned devices.

Benefits of secure file sync and share

Solutions that are built to deliver secure file sync and share give organizations the flexibility to enable employee collaboration and productivity while giving the I.T department control over the protection of company data..

Acronis Cyber Files allows your organization to provide an on-premise, managed and secure access to your existing enterprise content, as well as an alternative to Dropbox and other public file syncing and sharing solutions.

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Why choose Acronis cyber file?

      More collaboration, power and control

      Gives users more flexibility and control over shared materials. I.T can define policies on file types, size, and properties.

      Control of file

      File access and sharing is configurable by rules and policies set by administrators, ensuring alignment with corporate governance, compliance and security policies.

      Integration with Active Directory

      Integrates with Active Directory for authentication, user account management, and device enrollment.

      Tracking and audit trails

      Provides an enterprise-class audit trail and history for all transactions, including search, filter and export functions, giving I.T visibility into what users are doing, what documents they access, and with whom they share documents.


      Delivers over-the-air and on-device encryption, including FIPS 140-2 certified encryption for iOS.

      Security and privacy

      Selective automatic or manual remote wipe ensures corporate content – and only corporate content – is wiped from the user’s device in case it is lost or stolen, or when the employee leaves the company.

      Enhanced authentication

      Enhanced two-factor authentication provides organizations with the elevated security required by government entities and regulated industries.